About our Products

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  • Niman Ranch labels its meat natural - what does natural meat mean?

  • Why is there some variation in the amount of fat in your packages of bacon?

  • Why do you call your hot dogs Fearless Franks?

  • What's the difference between Cured and Uncured Meats?

  • What's the best steak?

  • How long does your meat keep in the refrigerator and how long does it keep if I freeze it upon receiving it?

  • What is dry aged beef?

  • Can I buy Berkshire or Kurobuta pork from you?

  • What can I do to get Niman Ranch products in my local stores and restaurants?

  • How can I be sure companies claiming to be selling your product are in fact providing it to me?

About our Farms and Ranches

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  • Why is it important to preserve independent family farms and ranches?

  • What makes a farm or ranch sustainable?

  • Why are Niman Ranch livestock fed only vegetarian feeds?

  • Why doesn't Niman Ranch market certified organic meat?

  • Does Niman Ranch use genetically modified (GMO) feeds or animals?

  • Why doesn't Niman Ranch produce grass fed beef?

About our Livestock

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  • How can Niman Ranch be certain of the lineage of its animals?

  • Why does Niman Ranch ban the use of antibiotics in its animal feeds?

  • Why does Niman Ranch ban the use of growth hormones for its livestock?

  • How can you be sure that all Niman Ranch farmers and ranchers are adhering to your protocols?

  • How and where does Niman Ranch process its livestock?