All-Natural Poulet Rouge


French Roots

Our line Epicure Reserve(tm) poultry is patterned after the award winning Label Rouge (Red Label) program in France, responding to increased demand for humanely and traditionally-raised farm poultry. The Label Rouge program is the gold standard for naturally raised, premium products. We are proud to bring this delicious poultry to our customers.While the parent stock for our Niman Ranch Epicure Reserve birds is imported from France to ensure the exact genetics, all of our birds are born and grown in the continental U.S.Traditional Old-World Farming Techniques.

Raising Practices

All of our birds are grown on small U.S. family farms by growers who care about the birds’ welfare. Our farmers have 25-40 years of poultry growing experience and are committed to the traditional method of growing birds prior to the rise of confinement/factory farming. Our farmers use sustainable farming methods and follow a land management protocol designed to protect the environment.The Product OfferingThe Poulet Rouge Fermiere is a heritage chicken from France.

Unsurpassed Presentation and Flavor

It has a distinctive flavor, a thin, translucent skin, an elongated breast with few feather follicles, a high keel bone, and longer legs. The Poussin Rouge Fermiere is the smaller product offering from the same breed as the Poulet Rouge.The Pintade Fermiere is a slow-growing heritage guinea hen from France. It is known for being larger, meatier and more flavorful than North American guinea breeds.Taste the Niman Ranch Difference: Humanely Raised on Sustainable U.S. Farms No Antibiotics or Added Hormones - Ever Fed All Vegetarian Feeds