16th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner

Niman Ranch has celebrated its U.S. family hog farmers at the Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner every fall since 1998. In its sixteenth year this September, we’re continuing to celebrate the connection between our more than 650 family farmers and the chefs who honor them at this event.

We will feature six renowned chefs from across the country who share our passion for humanely and sustainably raised pork in their own cities and restaurants. Each chef will bring their expertise to the table with a “whole hog” and locally-sourced approach to create unique dishes that showcase our farmers’ hard work.

“Each of these chefs has shown a commitment to using humanely and sustainably raised pork in their restaurants,” said Paul Willis, Niman Ranch Pork Company founder and manager. “Our farmers take pride in raising hogs traditionally but often do not get to see how chefs use the pork on their menus, so we bring the restaurants to them.”

Over the next month we will introduce you to each of the following chefs:

Alexander Roberts – Restaurant Alma, Minneapolis, MN

Chris Beischer – The Mercer Kitchen, New York City, NY

Jason Cline – The Birchwood, St. Petersburg, FL

Keenan Bosworth – Pig & Pickle, Scottsdale, AZ

Kelly Whitaker – Basta, Boulder, CO

Lucas Sautter – Alderbrook Resort &Spa, Union, WA


Stay tuned!

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