Goose Fat Potatoes

Goose fatLast month, Sarah reminisced about Christmas dinner goose with all the trimmings and how her grandfather preferred goose fat on his bread rather than butter. The “grease” that drained to the bottom of the pan was almost always reserved.

Not only is reserving the drippings a tribute to Grandpa’s resourcefulness, but chefs cook with reserved fats to add aroma, flavor and texture to dishes.

These potatoes couldn’t be easier to make and, as an added bonus, they will fill your kitchen with a wonderful aroma.

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Home Is Where Your Farm Is

It’s February and we are emerging from the dark days of winter.  These are the days when a winter storm warning or dreaded “wintery mix” can leave us stuck on the farm for days.  During these times I confess I sometimes yearn for the conveniences of city life.   

home 1

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