Thankful for Our Veteran Families

sonia_kendrick_AMP8982_15x10_300 (2)Recently, I was invited to speak at the Farmer Veteran Coalition’s Empowering Women Veterans Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The Farmer Veteran Coalition, founded by Michael O’Gorman, is a veteran outreach organization offering employment and farm education programs for veterans. Niman Ranch has been working with the organization to provide opportunities for veterans to join the Niman Ranch community of family farmers.

It’s an understatement to tell you how honored I was to speak at the Empowering Women Veteran’s Conference on Agriculture, Business and Well-being. I was so impressed with this group. Many of the attendees were actual veterans themselves, while others were spouses of veterans, including several who were married to persons who died in service to our country. All of the attendees continue their tradition of serving to make the world a better place, this time through farming.

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Fall Harvest

IMG_4060Autumn is here and as I was trying a new recipe with my mother for apple cake, our conversation turned towards the changing landscape.

We are in the midst of harvest season.  Much of the corn and soybeans which surrounds us is being combined (a large machine which harvests crops) out of the fields.  No more “corn corners”- a term those of us in rural areas use to identify intersections in the country where the visibility has decreased significantly due to the height of the corn. The landscape has opened up again and we can see far and wide.

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