Pew Charitable Trusts: Preserving Antibiotics for the Future

In the pre-antibiotic era, doctors were taught that they could not change the course of their patients’ illnesses. Their job, instead, was to make an accurate diagnosis so they could give an accurate prognosis to their patients. When antibiotics came along in the 1940’s, it totally revolutionized things. They are undoubtedly responsible for saving millions of human lives.

Unfortunately, inappropriate use of antibiotics could be threatening their ability to cure. As mentioned by Dr. Lance Price during his presentation at one of our conferences this past year, the conventional livestock industry’s low dose use of antibiotics is partially responsible for drug-resistant bacteria emerging on farms. This is thought to reach the general population through human or animal carriers, and through the food consumers eat.

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Football Food Favorites from Uncle Rich, Part 3

With Super Bowl XLIX just around the corner, Uncle Rich wants to share a recipe that can feed and fill the masses. Ever had pork nachos? Rich believes that when you mix pre-cooked pork and your favorite ingredients, it can be one of the easiest and flavorsome dishes to serve your friends.

Seeing how we just started making our Pulled Pork with Smoky Chipotle Barbecue Sauce just came out, this recipe features our new flavor with your classic favorites from the nacho world. Cheese, green onions, cilantro, avocado – anything you love could find it’s way to the top of this dish. He’s recommended what goes best with the spicy, smoky flavor of our pulled pork. Trust us – Uncle Rich knows best!

Want to keep things clean? Always put parchment paper underneath your tortilla chips. Love cheese? Add a second layer on top of the pulled pork. Want to really step up your game? Add crumbled, cooked bacon to the mix.

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Spring Catalogs

Jan-1-1024x768It’s been pretty quiet on the farm this January.  The land is covered in a blanket of snow and temperatures occasionally dip to -40 below zero with the wind chill. Our farmers keep pretty busy checking hog waters and ensuring they aren’t frozen, cleaning out farm buildings and adding bedding for farm animals to keep them warm and cozy.  Evenings are filled with after school activities like basketball, band and choir concerts, wrestling meets and the like. Playing Scrabble or card games is also popular this time of year. Anything you can do indoors to keep warm!

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