Army Veteran Returns to Iowa to Farm Naturally

At the Des Moines International Airport on Thursday, October 18th, young military veteran Curt Roseland, returned home. After serving his country, he was excited to get back to Iowa and is looking forward to realizing his dream of farming full-time! He was surprised to find out upon landing that his dream is a reality much sooner than he expected thanks to his parents’ planning and a little help from Niman Ranch! Curt is excited to be joining the Niman Ranch network of traditional, humane and sustainable family farmers.

Roseland, of Gilman, Iowa, was stationed in Germany where he served with the U. S. Army since 2015 as an aviation mechanic.  Curt is now planning to work with Niman Ranch to expand his family’s production of all-natural pork, raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones and fed a strict vegetarian diet.

Niman Ranch announced in September that they would double the number of farmers and ranchers over the next 10 years to meet consumer demands for sustainably raised meat. Part of the commitment included a continued effort to support new, young and Veteran farmers. So, when Niman Ranch farmers Deleana and Tim Roseland informed the company that their son was returning home with a goal of partnering with his father to expand their current all-natural hog farm operation, Niman Ranch was eager to show support!

Niman Ranch is working to help the Roseland family with their expansion plans that include providing him with an allocation of pigs to help get him off to a great start.

“I am so happy to have the support of my family, friends and Niman Ranch in returning to my family farm,” said Curt. “It means so much to me!  I can’t thank you all enough!”


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