Home Is Where Your Farm Is

February 5, 2013

It’s February and we are emerging from the dark days of winter. These are the days when a winter storm warning or dreaded “wintery mix” can leave us stuck on the farm for days. During these times I confess I sometimes yearn for the conveniences of city life.

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 Years ago, I took a job where I transferred to Los Angeles. Of course, it was beautiful in California. I remember stopping in at a local coffee shop and commenting to the barista what a nice day it was, a sentiment which seemed redundant after the first few days. People in Los Angeles were spoiled by the sunny days and mild weather, so they didn’t comment on it that much.

It must have been my Midwestern roots that inspired my fascination with the weather. Everyone in our little town of Thornton, whereI come from, commented on it. The weather has a defining effect on daily life in Iowa. But even with the beautiful weather in California, I couldn’twait to return to the Midwest. There is something about the connection with nature that creates a sense of autonomy and peace that can only be found on the farm. I missed my family too. My drive to return to the farm grew even stronger when my daughter was born.

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 Sometimes, especially this time of year, it can be isolating. But January is finally over and there are signs of spring. I saw the sun peeking out today as I accompanied my father doing chores. The days are now getting longer and we are already making plans for our garden.

As Americans it seems that just about all of us have some connection to farming and many of us have fond memories of visits to our grandparent’s farm. As we enter the month of February we celebrate love and I find myself thinking of my love affair with the farm and realizing that home is where your farm is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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