Survey Results by Niman Ranch Farmers

February 13, 2018

Niman Ranch Survey ResultsLast year we gathered some information on the scope and sentiment of our hog farmer network. Our non-scientific Farmer Survey consisted of three open-ended questions; more than 97 farmers responded and the survey results were inspiring.

The clear majority of Niman Ranch’s network are generational farmers with farms going back to 1881. We have 3rd generation farmers, a 5th generation farmer and at least a few 6th generation farmers. We also have some farmers who are new to the industry and raising hogs with Niman Ranch has allowed them to start farms of their own.

Survey Results Say…

Niman Ranch Survey results

In addition, almost 90% currently farm with their children or hope to pass the farm on to them when they are ready. As one respondent said, Niman Ranch “has allowed our family to continue farming with a company we trust and give our children an option to farm in the future with a greater potential for profitability.”

We read lots of quotes that made us proud, such as: “It [Niman Ranch] has kept me in the hog business. {I} was ready to get out of [raising] hog[s] but Niman has kept my family farm going.” Some respondents made points about the type of farming they do with Niman Ranch. For example, “It has given us the chance to farm in the manner that we think it should be done” and “Niman allowed us to start farming and grow and raise hogs in their natural environment…”

And we were particularly pleased that most of our farmers feel proud to work with Niman Ranch and appreciate the stability and structure provided, according to the survey results. One survey answer said “Niman Ranch, as part of our farm enterprise, has brought a huge change in the stability from year to year of our farm income. [Prior to working for Niman Ranch] We had years when the price received for our hogs was less than the feed we put into them, to say nothing of labor and overhead.

… It definitely gives a degree of peace of mind and takes away a lot of the need to focus on marketing, hedging, etc. Before we joined Niman Ranch, I was beginning to think that our operation was outdated and not valued. But now there is a sense of pride again that we are doing things in a way that other people value and appreciate.”

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