Four Recipes To Celebrate National BLT Month

March 30, 2016

BLT Toppings

April is National BLT Month, and we’re celebrating by sharing some of the Niman Ranch team’s favorite BLT recipes. Sure – you could go for the regular bacon, lettuce and tomato version. But why not spice things up a bit?

Avocado is a classic addition to this American favorite, and onions and cheese come with most other sandwiches out there. But what about sweet peppers and arugula? What about jalapeños? What about potato chips?? There are an endless amount of toppings just waiting at the grocery store, so have fun.

While we do love a good mustard, mixing a pop of flavor with your mayonnaise is another great way to enhance your BLT. Sun dried tomatoes, cumin, garlic, pesto or even horseradish are great additions to plain condiments.

Just be sure to pick the right bacon, like our Applewood Smoked, Hickory Smoked, Maple or Pepper Bacon. It will make your sandwich all the better!


Add a slice of Avocado, then mix a bit of minced Horseradish in the mayo before you spread. Onion and Swiss cheese optional.


The Mediterranean

Chop up some pickled sweet peppers and layer it with bacon, goat cheese and arugula. Combine pesto with your mayonnaise, or skip the mayo altogether.

The Mediterranean BLT

The Tomato Bomb

Use whatever toppings you’d like, but don’t skimp on the tomato. Add sun dried tomatoes to the mayo, cut your heirloom tomato nice and thick, then add a thin layer of tomato jam on the bottom slice of bread.

The Double Tomato BLT

The Dude’s Choice

Potato chips and pickled or raw jalapeños make this the ultimate choice for any dude… or chick.

The Dude BLT Recipes

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