Chef Ann Kim to be Featured Chef at Niman Ranch 20th Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner

August 31, 2018

Chef Ann Kim

Chef Ann Kim, Owner and Executive Chef of Young Joni, Hello Pizza, and Pizzeria Lola

Chef Ann Kim is redefining fine-dining. Wood-fired pizza in a modern atmosphere is the award-winning combination Chef Ann created at Young Joni. Her renowned pizzas and sandwiches are crafted with high-quality ingredients raised with integrity. Chef Ann’s devotion to providing her customers with an overall quality experience and her leadership with Women Chefs and Restaurateurs led to her partnership with Niman Ranch.

Q&A With Chef Ann Kim

Q: Why do you choose Niman Ranch?
Chef Ann Kim: Niman Ranch is one of our most trusted partners. I wholeheartedly believe in their farmers, business practices and values. I can rely on them to provide us with the highest quality products, enabling us to create delicious, inspired and craveable dishes for our guests, night after night.

Q: What inspired you to care about sustainably and humanely raised beef, pork and lamb and, in turn, support family farmers?
Chef Ann Kim: For me, the quality of a dish is only as good as the quality of the ingredients. I believe in using sustainably and humanely raised meat and seafood not only because of the ethical practice, but because the food just tastes better … I feel I have an obligation to my guests to serve food that is not only delicious, but mindful of sustainable farming practices.

Q: Do your customers care about where you source your ingredients? Why do you think this is the case?
Chef Ann Kim: It’s important to me to have a positive impact on the symbiotic relationship between farmers and consumers. Using Niman Ranch products is just one way of ensuring this happens. We’ve built a loyal following and the trust of guests throughout the years. It’s in large part due to the consistency and high quality of our offerings. As a chef, it’s important for me to work with vendors I can trust to help me execute great tasting food to our guests, time and time again.
Chef Ann, a Korean immigrant who grew up cooking alongside her mother and grandmother, brings a new twist to Minnesota pizza dining at her restaurants Hello Pizza, Pizzeria Lola and Young Joni. Niman Ranch is looking forward to Chef Ann’s debut as a featured chef at the 20th annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner.

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