Chef Charles Phan Named Featured Chef at Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner

August 29, 2018

Chef Charles Phan

Charles Phan, Owner and Executive Chef of The Slanted Door Group

Award-winning chef, Chef Charles Phan, is returning to the annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner for the 20th annual celebration.

The partnership between the chef and independent farmers began years ago. Chef Charles opened his flagship restaurant, The Slanted Door, in 1995, the same year Paul Willis, Niman Ranch founding hog farmer, partnered with Niman Ranch to bring humanely and sustainably raised pork to the San Francisco Bay area.

In 2006, Chef Charles made his debut as featured chef at the annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner to thank the independent family farmers for their dedication to raising animals humanely and sustainably. To further honor his relationship with founding farmer Paul Willis, Chef Charles listed his Niman Ranch specialty ribs as “Willis Ribs” on his menus. Chef Charles Phan will return for the exclusive 20th anniversary dinner and is bringing back what he once called “Willis Ribs” as his featured dish to share with the honorary family farmers.

Q&A with Chef Charles Phan

Q: What inspired you to care about sustainably and humanely raised beef, pork and lamb and, in turn, support family farmers?

Chef Charles Phan: Growing up, I learned to eat clean. Living in San Francisco, I knew the community wanted sustainable, quality products. I set out [to find] these farms and made it a goal to service these products in my restaurants. Supporting family farmers provides us with better … products and especially [supports our country [local economies].

Q: Do your customers care about where you source your ingredients? Why do you think this is the case?

Chef Charles Phan: My customers leave feeling great about the meal they just enjoyed. My team knows how to care for the product and bring out the best of its flavors. My customers keep coming back because of this.

After years of partnership, we are proud to invite Chef Charles Phan back to the annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner as a featured chef.

Chef Charles Phan, who is known for his modern take on Vietnamese cuisine, offers guests a variety of options from his restaurants The Slanted Door, Out the Door, OTD, Hard Water and Rice and Beans in the San Francisco Bay area.

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