Niman Ranch 20th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner Featuring Chef Todd Fisher

August 13, 2018

Chef Todd Fisher

Chef Todd Fisher, Seventh & Dolores Vice President of Culinary Operations

Chef Todd Fisher is an enthusiastic supporter of Niman Ranch. A few short months ago, Chef Todd and his team cooked Niman Ranch beef, pork and lamb at the James Beard House. It was not only an honor for Chef Todd, but an honor for Niman Ranch to be invited to the James Beard House. We look forward to seeing Chef Todd Fisher as a featured chef this year at our 20th annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner.

Q: What is your most memorable experience with a Niman Ranch product?  

Chef Todd Fisher: When you’re working with the incredible products Niman Ranch provides, you find yourself having several “Niman moments”. For me, receiving the 12th leg of the first 20 Niman Ranch prosciuttos was a big and delicious honor, but I would have to say the very first bite of our 28-day dry-aged Niman Ranch beef export rib cut … was the most memorable bite of beef I have ever had!

Q: What inspired you to care about sustainably and humanely raised beef, pork and lamb and, in turn, support family farmers?  

Chef Todd Fisher: It was simple for me, I grew up in a produce family. Let me be clear, we were not farmers. But my father bought and sold produce to restaurants and other companies across the country, so it was common for me to know the farmers and growers. When I became a chef, those same farmers and growers supported me and when I met Niman Ranch for the first time I remember having the same experience and commonality.

Q: Do your customers care about where you source your ingredients? Why do you think this is the case? 

Chef Todd Fisher: My customers care a great deal about where our ingredients come from. More importantly, they trust me as a chef to source and provide the best quality, most flavorful ingredients raised with the best practices available and that’s why we work closely with Niman Ranch to provide all our pork, beef and lamb for Seventh & Dolores. Living in California, most everyone seems to care about where their ingredients come from and how they are farmed and cared for and Niman Ranch helped pioneer that movement.

Niman Ranch is thrilled to have Chef Todd Fisher joining the rock star team of featured chefs at the 20th Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner. Chef Todd brings enthusiasm and craft to the table at every event and will be treating family farmers and guests with a delectable dessert.

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