10 Quick and Delicious Recipes to Make This School Year

September 8, 2016

Whether you just sent your kids off to school or you’re in school yourself, making fresh, delicious recipes at home can be a challenge. Eating out every day gets expensive and spending two hours in the kitchen between cooking and eating can be cumbersome.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our 10 favorite recipes that are both quick to cook and delicious. You’ll be able to enjoy what little free time you have to run errands, focus on homework or just enjoy more time with your family.

Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps

These savory Asian pork lettuce wraps come together in just minutes, and can be served as either an appetizer or entrée. If you have any leftover filling, stir-fry cooked rice with an egg and the filling for a quick pork fried rice.

Niman Ranch Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps

Hamburger Salad

In this recipe from Su-Mei Yu’s cookbook Asian Grilling, the all American hamburger is turned into an Asian grilled salad sans bun, ketchup and mustard. The rest of the typical hamburger garnishes, lettuce, tomato, and onion are tossed together with the grilled hamburger and in-season fruit, such as peaches, apricots, or pears.

Hamburger Salad

Kofta Lamb Kebabs with Lemon Yogurt Sauce

These kofta lamb kebabs come together quickly, making this the perfect dinner for a busy weeknight. Either wrap the kofta in Naan bread or stuff them in a pita. Drizzle with the flavorful and refreshing yogurt sauce and serve with a cool cucumber salad.

Niman Ranch Kofta Lamb Kebabs

Marinated Flank Steak

This recipe is from Mark Bittman’s award-winning cookbook, How to Cook Everything. Flank steak is best for slicing; a marinade gives each slice more flavor. Flank steak is also good without marinating. Just coat it with curry powder, chili powder or any other commercial or homemade spice rub before cooking. After cooking, slice the meat against the “grain” that is, across its natural striations.

Photo courtesy of humblerecipes.com

Photo courtesy of humblerecipes.com

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant with Lamb

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant with Lamb

Michael’s Garlic-lemon Steak

This straightforward and delicious recipe is chef Michael Romano’s way to prepare steak. It’s a great example of combining the highest quality ingredients find with a simple preparation to achieve memorable results.

Photo courtesy of gimmedeliciousfood.com

Photo courtesy of gimmedeliciousfood.com

Oat and Minced Veggie Meatloaf

This is a great recipe to just put in the oven and turn on the timer. The addition of finely minced vegetables in this meatloaf recipe adds flavor and keeps it super moist and juicy. We’ve used oats instead of breadcrumbs as a binder to make this recipe gluten-free. If you prefer breadcrumbs, substitute the same amount for the oats.

Oat and Vegetable Meatloaf Recipe

Phyllis Willis’s Danish Pork Burgers

Phyllis is part of the founding Niman Ranch hog farm family. This recipe was passed down to Phyllis from her Grandma Jacobsen.

Tysons pork burger

Slow-roasted Chipotle Pork

Season your pork the night before and throw it in the slow cooker before leaving for work or school. If set on low, it should be ready right when you get home.


Tomato and Bread Salad with Sweet Italian Sausage

Serves: 5

This salad is a variation on the classic panzanella but is made heartier with the addition of grilled sweet Italian sausages and corn. Don’t have time to grill the corn? Use canned corn to speed things up.

Tomato Bread Salad Delicious Recipes

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