Spring ‘Chicken’ Fever

March 19, 2013

One of our spring activities on the farm is we begin to save some of our chicken eggs for incubating.  It’s exciting to watch them as they hatch through the glass window of the incubator.  This year we put eggs in the incubator on March 1 and are expected to hatch in 21 days.


You would never know spring break is here by the weather we have had.  Last week while  preparing for another blizzard and picking up some groceries, my daughter, Sophia, asked if we could check our local farmer supply store to see if they had baby chicks in yet, just to “look” at them.


Of course when we saw them there they were irresistible.  Sophia asked if she could buy a few with her own money.  She couldn’t wait for our eggs to hatch.  The sign at the store said you could not buy fewer than six at a time.  It seemed like a good idea knowing that we would be snowed in the following day and it was spring break.  Nothing is more fun than a few fuzzy baby chicks.  I guess you might call it, “spring chicken fever”.


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