June 2, 2015

A feeling of accomplishment sets in as another year of school is finished and Sophia is ready for summer.  Today she couldn’t wait to spend time swimming with friends.   It’s been a little crazy this year wrapping up the eighth grade and looking forward to beginning high school in the fall.

piglets in field

We have plenty of work to do in the fields, tilling and working the ground in preparation for planting.  Conventional corn is planted first in April, followed by conventional soybeans, then organic corn and organic soybeans.  It takes additional work preparing the soil for our organic crops.  Extra tilling is required to prevent weed growth.   These days, we partner with another local farmer to manage our fields at Willis Farms.  He does most of the work planting our crops and has picked up additional work planting for other farmers in the area.

John Carlson spring farm activity.

With June’s arrival, we look forward to harvesting our first crop of hay. We always keep our eye on the weather to make sure things remain dry a few days after mowing.  This is important because we need several days of sunshine to dry out the hay before it’s baled and stored.


This just might be the most beautiful time of year on the farm. Everything is fresh and new.  Baby animals abound and recent growth is flourishing all around us.  It’s what we have been waiting for through the slow cold days of winter. Now is the time to put our plans into action! Ready set go!

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