Farmer in Iowa

Anthony is my partner on the farm. Additional help comes from the rest of our family: Amanda, Emily, Elizabeth, our son Jonathan and my wife Joan.

Next Gen Schol Blog - Scholarship Winner

In the fall of 1998, Chris and his wife purchased part of his great-grandfather’s farm on the same land his father was raised, and his father before him. He started crop farming soon after in 1999, then raising hogs for Niman Ranch with his son, Anthony, in 2012. Anthony had been raising hogs for Niman Ranch since 2009, so Chris picked up the model when they started farming together. Now, they raise 400-500 hogs for Niman Ranch each year and practice several sustainable agriculture methods. They have no till crops, grassy water ways and rotate their corn and beans. They also have cover crops planted on a hilly patch of the property.

Read about Anthony Scheer’s experience as the 2014 David Serfling Memorial Scholarship Winner for 2014’s Next Generation Scholarship Fund. He traveled the country helping raise money for the Fund so that other students could share in his opportunity to return to the farm with less student debt.