Farmer in Iowa

Young Farmers, we just ask for a chance, you know. We don't ask for a ton of money. We just want to have a chance.


Scott Sibbel runs his family farm with his wife Martha and their children, Ellie and Anthony. Scott also gets help from his dad, father-in-law and brothers when he needs the extra hand. Their farm has been in the Sibbel family since 1919, when his ancestors immigrated to America from Germany. They usually raise 40 to 60 sows farrow-to-finish and sell us somewhere between 600 and 800 hogs each year. They also sell us about 50-75 cattle. Scott’s Great-Grandpa Henry was a big advocate of sustainable farming, way before his time. He installed one of the first terraces in their area to help prevent soil erosion. He also maintained grassy waterways and always farmed on the contour. Scott still follows these sustainable practices today.