Of Family and Farming

Do you care where your meat comes from and want to feel confident when making purchases at the grocery store? Have you considered asking your local butcher about the farm producing the meat you are buying, and how the animals were raised on that farm?  If you haven’t, you should, because the way the animals were raised plays into the quality of the meat.

The Hawkins family raises hogs for Niman Ranch in Missouri.

As you may know, Niman Ranch is not just one farm or ranch but a network of more than 700 independent farming families.  In creating this network we have created a larger sort-of family built on the foundation of shared values we have with one another – a foundation of preserving our style of farming in which the treatment of the livestock serves as an integral part of the overall farm operation.

The Blackford-Osterman family raises hogs for Niman Ranch.

Similarly, the businesses we work with pride themselves on their deeper commitment to servicing their customers with the utmost integrity.  I have always been in awe of the power each one of us holds when we spend our dollars and directly impact how things are produced.  Our meats are not only raised with care but served with care from our farms to your plate. I consider all of us to be family in Niman Ranch: the farmers, our processors, our meat distributors, and most importantly you, the buyer.  Together we are creating positive change in agriculture and in our rural communities across the country by supporting not just one responsible family farm but the diverse group of farmers who make up Niman Ranch.

Niman Ranch distributors visiting the Willis Family Farm during our annual Farmer Appreciation Dinner.

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