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“We use Niman Ranch because our customers deserve it.”

Paul Mattison

Mattison’s Restaurant Group

Sarasota, FL. 

“We wanted to center our signature dish around a pork chop, and Niman Ranch has always been that consistent product that I can rely on.”

Banks White


Manhattan, NY

Niman Ranch

“Niman Ranch is so important to me because of the respect that they give their animals when they raise them, and as a bonus it translates into great tasting meat.”

Chris Beischer

Mercer Kitchen

Manhattan, NY

“The pork chop is absolutely excellent, the best pork chop in the market…Our customers always say that our pork chop is the best. We trust Niman Ranch because it is family farmed.”

Lysielle Cariot

Bleu Provence

Naples, FL

“Niman Ranch has so many standards that have been put into place to ensure that the animals are being handled the right way, from the farm to the restaurant. It translates into a high quality, consistent program. Our guests know what they will receive every time they order Niman Ranch products.”

Joseph Kudrak

T-Bones Chophouse & Grill, Red Rock Casino

Las Vegas, NV

“I use Niman Ranch products because of the marbling of the meats and the way they take care of their animals. The guests here at Fresco like knowing where their product is coming from and Niman Ranch is known for their quality.”

Billy Sotelo


Salt Lake City, UT

“Working with Niman Ranch products gives me the assurance that I will know where the product is from, how it was raised, how it was cared for. Those elements transpire to the plate.”

Vincent Pouessel


Las Vegas, NV

Niman Ranch

“It’s a sense of pride of just being able to go up to one of my customers and know that I’ve done everything I possibly could to provide them with the best I possibly could.”

Chef Adam Perry Lang


Hollywood, California

“Niman Ranch does not cut corners when it comes to their products. They follow very strict guidelines. My customers are always happy to hear the meat that we use is all-natural. They are always pleased to know that we use Niman Ranch products.”

Ali Sabbah


Salt Lake City, UT

“The ethics used in growing the animals are impeccable, as well as the way the animals are processed. Niman Ranch has an amazing set of standards, so that you can you can get from ONE source, the same level of quality. Niman Ranch has the absolute best meat products in the end.”

Paul Canales


Oakland, CA

“Niman Ranch has a great reputation for producing great meat products, so it was a given for us – considering our concept is based around natural sustainability and great products. We have customers that walk in the door and see the sign and say ‘Wow, Niman Ranch!”

Andrew Johnstone

Little Chihuahua

San Francisco, CA

“Niman Ranch is unique because of their sustainability from the ground up, the fact that they have no hormones, no antibiotics in any of their products, the fact that they work with their growers to make sure that the land the animals are being raised on is protected – that it’s grown in a sustainable fashion.”

Phelix Gardner

Wild Grape Bistro

Salt Lake City, UT

“Knowing that Niman Ranch beef is taken care of by a family, for families…that matters to our guests. – Chef Jodie Rogers

Jodie Rogers & Clark Norris

Deer Valley Resort

Park City, UT

“Customers know the Niman Ranch brand and they are happy to see it on the menu. They know it is a superior product. It is a powerful thing to be able to put something on the menu that you are proud of and you know where the meat comes from.”

Thomas Pena


San Francisco, CA

“What I really like about Niman Ranch is the quality. I like when I trust purveyors. My customers trust me and therefore I will never let them down. Niman Ranch pork is just beautiful.”

Mark Strausman

Fred’s at Barneys

Chicago, IL

“The wonderful thing about Niman Ranch pork is the farm-to-table concept. Making sure the farms are kept clean and the care that’s put into the product is a wonderful thing for chefs because we don’t have to do much to the product.”

Tom McEachern

Ray’s on the River

Atlanta, GA

“We do farm-to-table cooking. Niman Ranch enables us to serve a product that we know is raised in a way that is in keeping with our values – from small sustainable farms.”

Jay Swift

4th & Swift

Atlanta, GA

“One of our goals at 18 Oaks is to support small family farms, and we know that by using Niman Ranch products, we are ensuring that those small mom-and-pop farms are being taken care of.”

Jeffrey Surprise

18 Oaks

San Antonio, TX

“People are becoming more and more concerned with where their food comes from and how it is raised. (Niman Ranch) puts the diners and restaurants at ease and it causes repeat customers.”

Todd Duplechan


Austin, TX

“My family chose Niman Ranch because it’s sustainable and it’s the original way of raising hogs”

Dane Kruse

Kruse Family Farm

Western Iowa

“We’ve been using Niman Ranch [bacon] since 2012…We stick with what’s the best and Niman Ranch is what it is.”

Jeff Amoscato

Jeff Amoscato

Shake Shack

Niman Ranch

“Niman Ranch for me is an absolutely perfect fit because it embraces my philosophy of how to care for the animal. It embraces my philosophy of how to support the family farms, and it embraces my philosophy of how to support the communities.”

Ron Mardesen

A Frame Acres

Southwest Iowa

“It’s a team effort with all the producers in our area. If we are not transparent with each other we will not provide the quality that we are known for.”

Richard Hamilton

Hamilton Brothers Ranch

Northern California

Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch

“I’ve been using Niman Ranch products in Basta since the day I opened.”



Boulder, Colorado

“Niman Ranch pork is important, because the quality of the product. Every time you think the pork is amazing it’s more amazing the next time it comes in. It’s consistent, it’s delicious…It’s the real deal.”

Frank Falcinelli

Brooklyn, NY

“We like Niman Ranch because there are no antibiotics, no hormones, and they take care of their small farms, and we like to support that.”


The Kitchen

Denver, CO

“The quality is hand over fist better, Niman Ranch verses commodity. I pick this protein because I am a big believer in humanely raising animals.”


Fork & Vine

Austin, TX

“Niman Ranch is important to Pok Pok because we can always trust that there is a consistent product. We spend a lot of time looking for obscure ingredients and if we can consistently have a good protein then it helps us out a lot.”


Brooklyn, NY


Niman Ranch

“We use Niman Ranch here because the family values that are instilled in the company are important to us.”



Phoenix, AZ

Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch

“One of the great things about Niman Ranch is I can trust every product that is sent to me.”



Phoenix, AZ

“Niman Ranch pork, and really their whole range of products, kind of fits into our philosophy because it’s founded on the idea of integrity and raising animals in a way that mother nature intended. “


Manhattan, NY

Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch

Gothham has long had a commitment to quality ingredients and using Niman Ranch pork is a continuation of that commitment to excellence.


Gotham Bar & Grill

Manhattan, NY

“We use Niman Ranch because of their Never – Ever Program, which is in-line with what we started the company on and also a lot of people in Austin like that we use Niman Ranch.”


Royal Fig Catering

Austin, TX

“We use Niman Ranch products because it’s important to know where your meat is coming from. That it’s humanely raised, it’s hormone-free, anti-biotic free, and all around it just tastes better.”



Austin, TX 

Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch

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