Planting Season and Planning Season

It’s invigorating to be able to get outside and work in the soil once again after a long winter, much of which was spent making plans for the growing season. During preparation there are so many things to consider, including possibly adding a new or different aspect to the farm.  This could include increasing the diversity of our livestock operation by adding chickens, or adding cover crops to conserve our precious natural resources and stop soil erosion.  Before we do anything new, we spend time thoroughly examining our options to figure out what’s the right fit.

Paul Willis, Sarah's dad, planning what he's going to plant for the season.
Paul Willis, Sarah’s dad, planning what he’s going to plant for the season.

So many variables impact our success on the farm, many of which are out of our control. Planning provides us with a sense of stability and direction, but it means nothing without the hard work and determination required to get the job done.  The Midwestern work ethic is deeply rooted in our agricultural heritage. A farmer’s work is never done, so even when we’re finished with our task at hand, at the end of the day we pride ourselves in going one step further before we call it a night.  That’s just the way we do things on the farm.

Tractor in barn

Farming is a never-ending, season-round pursuit. There is a time for planning and there is a time for planting. Many farmers are in the field even as I’m writing this, while the sun is shining and the soil is just right. Take some time if you are driving through farm country to notice the thoughtful beauty we have cultivated into our landscapes. Try to notice the addition of cover crops, which hold the soil in place to prevent erosion and decrease weed population along with assisting in rain filtration before it reaches the water table. Take some inspiration from the farmers and plant some seeds of inspiration in your own field of work today.

Sarah's daughter Sophia on the farm during planting season some years back.
Sarah’s daughter Sophia on the farm during planting season some years back.

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