You’ll find tips for choosing the right pork and beef below, along with easy cooking and cutting tips.


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How to Select the Perfect Steak

People often ask, “What’s the best cut of beef?”.  The answer to this question depends on personal preference and preparation.  Certain cooking methods and recipes better showcase the flavor of the specific cuts. Below is a quick guide to the differences in each steak we offer:


The Denver steak is from the Chuck, or shoulder. Well-marbled and boneless, it packs a lot of flavor and is generally priced lower than cuts from the rib, loin, and flank. This cut is best cooked medium rare, like its cousin the Flat Iron. You can cook it by broiling, grilling, or sautéing in a cast iron pan.


This cut is comparable to flank steak but slightly more tender. Pan-fry it and serve with fries and mustard for a classic steak frites, or cook quickly on the grill taking care not to overcook.

Filet Mignon

The most tender cut, it is lean and has a relatively subtle flavor compared to other beef cuts.


Very lean, beefy flavor, with a coarse grain. Flank steak absorbs marinades beautifully but is delicious without. It’s easy to overcook. Slice thinly to serve.


A rich chuck flavor, second only to filet mignon in tenderness. Slice on the bias to serve. Great grilled, broiled or seared.


A supremely tender steak with an intense beefy flavor, the hanger steak is sometimes called butcher steak. It has become a restaurant favorite and is delicious seared or broiled. Be sure to slice across the grain to serve.

New York

(also called strip steak) – The classic steakhouse cut: tender, flavorful and juicy.

Rib Eye

Rich and buttery, with greater marbling than most cuts.


Often served in Fajitas, this steak has a deep buttery flavor and is a classic in many Latin cuisines, where it is often marinated. Although this steak marinates well, it is a superb standalone steak that doesn’t need it.


Cooking steak with the bone in makes it even more flavorful. The T-shaped bone in this classic steak separates the tender New York strip steak from the butter soft tenderloin (filet mignon). A perfect grilling steak.

Top Sirloin

Often overlooked, this cut is juicy and flavorful. It’s best grilled slowly over fairly low temperature.


While Niman Ranch steaks can be marinated, the flavor of our beef needs no more than a simple seasoning of salt and pepper.  If you have a favorite marinade we suggest you experiment with some of the heartier cuts. Whatever you purchase, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality available.