Below are some tips to help you store and prepare your Niman Ranch meats properly.

Storing your Niman Ranch Meats

Store your meats in airtight packaging, if it isn’t already wrapped. Do not let the temperature of the meat rise above 39° F unless you’re preparing to cook it immediately. If you choose to freeze your meats, be sure to thaw the product to room temperature before cooking.

Don’t be concerned about the darker color of our beef and lamb – To lock in the quality, our meats are vacuumed sealed in high oxygen barrier film.  Once the vacuumed package is removed and the meat is exposed to the oxygen in the air, it will be begin to “bloom” and will return to its normal deep reddish color.


 Temperature Guide

Beef: Niman Ranch Beef will cook faster than typical products. The water content of our natural Angus beef is lower because our livestock is never given antibiotics or hormones which encourages water retention. Plan for about 15% less cooking time than usual. Remember, meat continues to cook as it rests (we suggest 10-15 minutes) prior to serving.

  • 120-125 degrees for rare
  • 130-135 degrees for medium
  • 140-145 degrees for medium well
  • 160 degrees for well done

Pork: Our pork is naturally juicy, so brining it isn’t necessary to combat dryness, but can be used to impart a variety of flavors.  We do not recommend cooking cuts from the loin and leg above 150° F.

Ground Meats: USDA recommends that all dishes made from ground meats should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160° F.

Prepared Products: Sausages, hams, and hot dogs are all pre-cooked. These items are safe to eat at room temperature if you choose, but we highly recommend cooking these products to get the best flavor possible. Bacon is not pre-cooked, so we do not recommend ever eating it without cooking.