Urban Farming and Crazy May Weather

chicken house 2013For the past ten years, Sophia and I have been living on a farm just a mile away from where I grew up. Last month, we finally decided to make a change and move into town.  It was a tough decision, we’ll no doubt miss living on a farm, but we are close enough to still help my father. This realization made the transition a little bit easier.

Remember that six-pack of chickens we bought back in March?  Well, they grew pretty fast and I have to confess their home our basement where we were keeping them became a bit of a nuisance.  It was a real chore to clean it every day and the chickens were going through the feed like you wouldn’t believe. We brought those chickens with us when we moved into town and move them to a fancy little chicken run and hen house we found at our local farm supply store.

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