Supporting Independent U.S. Family Farmers

Supporting Family Farmers and Ranchers Across the U.S.

Niman Ranch started with one farm. Today, we still work with one farm family at a time, but we are proud to support a large network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers – 740 and growing. Many are second- and third-generation farmers who inherited the land from their parents and grandparents. These family farmers’ passion for the land and raising livestock provides the foundation for Niman Ranch’s finest tasting meat.

We define family farming as a farm or ranch that is owned and operated by a family who relies on that farm as their primary source of income. Since families have a personal investment to carry on their farming legacy, family-owned operations have a greater stake in their livestock and their land.

By simply purchasing Niman Ranch meat at your grocery store or local restaurant, you are supporting these families and their local communities. 

How Niman Ranch’s Structure Supports Independent Family Farmers

We provide a robust and growing national marketplace for our family farmers and ranchers to sell their livestock.

  • Providing a Growing National Marketplace

    Rural areas do not provide a big enough marketplace for most farmers to make a living. Our program helps them bridge that gap – raise livestock on their family land while earning enough to support their family and local community.

  • Paying a Premium

    We pay our family farmers and ranchers a premium to raise animals to our strict protocols.

  • Investing in Long-Standing Partnerships

    We invest in a long-standing, committed partnership with each farm. These families are part of our family, and we consider them in every decision we make.

  • Building Relationships

    Our on-the-ground team visits each farm and ranch regularly to build relationships and make sure the animals and land are treated according to our standards.

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