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The word sustainable can mean many different things to different people. There has been a lot of attention given to sustainability and sustainable agriculture lately, but we’ve been farming this way for decades, before it became trendy.

For us, sustainability isn’t just in the way we preserve the land, it’s in the families who preserve the land for us. If our farmers and ranchers are not economically viable, they will lose their land, which diminishes the opportunity for future generations to return to the farm. Based on this belief, we incorporate components that balance the needs we have today without compromising the needs we will have tomorrow, from an environmental, economic and people perspective.

Our definition of sustainability is three-fold:


Traditional family farmers use methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, allowing for preservation of the land and care for the animals. Examples include alternative energy sources, raising fewer animals per acre and rotational grazing.


Farmers are paid a premium price and given access to a national marketplace in which to sell their livestock. Our structure provides the small farmer a viable livelihood that its small, rural community, although ideal for raising animals, cannot provide.


We help keep generations of family farmers on their land and in their local community so that those local communities can thrive.

The Finest Tasting Meat Doesn't
Happen by Accident

Does it take extra work, tenacity and dedication? Yes, but it pays back through both the quality of the land and the quality of our meat.

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