Spring Farrowing

It’s that time of year again. Spring signifies new life, which is eaBrown Farmsily observed here on the farm. Recently, I visited fellow Niman Ranch Farmers Paul and Andrea Brown, who farm with their children right here in Iowa.  They raise pigs for Niman Ranch – just part of their entire operation. They rotate the pig’s pasture from year to year, incorporating livestock with their crop production to enrich the soil.

I often get asked what we use to take the place of farrowing crates. I like to say we take our lead from nature. Animals are already given the tools to reproduce and care for their own.  Farrowing in the pasture begins in the spring. I know my dad’s goal was to have everything set up for the sows in the field by April 1.  Historically, hog farmers utilized A- frame houses as shelters for pigs raised on pasture.

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