Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The planting season is in full swing and many farmers have already finished.  For organic farmers, timing and location is even more important than for traditional farmers.  They have to be very strategic about when the seeds are planted. One farmer told me he has to wait for just the right moment, after the weeds have had their first big growth spurt. He cultivates the weeds first, then plants the corn so it doesn’t have competition.

John, organic farmer from Iowa.

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Memorial Day in the Country

As we near Memorial Day, I decided to visit my Grandpa Oscar’s grave site at Pleasant View Cemetery.   It seems like yesterday that Oscar would stop over for coffee and offer up his advice about the farm operation, keeping us posted about the latest news in Thornton.  He passed away a few years ago when Sophia was just in elementary school.

Oscar gravesite

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Planting Season and Planning Season

It’s invigorating to be able to get outside and work in the soil once again after a long winter, much of which was spent making plans for the growing season. During preparation there are so many things to consider, including possibly adding a new or different aspect to the farm.  This could include increasing the diversity of our livestock operation by adding chickens, or adding cover crops to conserve our precious natural resources and stop soil erosion.  Before we do anything new, we spend time thoroughly examining our options to figure out what’s the right fit.

Paul Willis, Sarah's dad, planning what he's going to plant for the season.
Paul Willis, Sarah’s dad, planning what he’s going to plant for the season.

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