Niman Ranch and its network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers raise livestock, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world.

  • We work with one of the largest networks of small, independent U.S. family farmers and ranchers – over 720 and growing.
  • All our animals are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. We lead the industry in sustainable and humane agricultural practices.
  • Our raising protocols were developed with the help of animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin, and are the strictest in the industry.
  • We offer a complete line of Certified Humane® fresh beef, pork, lamb and a variety of smoked and uncured meats.


Niman Ranch began in the early 1970’s on an eleven-acre ranch in a small coastal town just north of San Francisco.  The cattle were raised using traditional, humane husbandry methods and given wholesome all-natural feeds.  Today, the Niman Ranch network has grown to include over 720 independent farmers and ranchers across America.

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Never-Ever Natural means that our animals are NEVER given antibiotics or artificial hormones. Ever.  Plus our animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet… Read More »


What's New

Niman Ranch to Double Farmer Network in 10 Years


Niman Ranch celebrated the 20th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner by pledging to double their network and add more than 750 independent family farmers and ranchers in the next ten years.

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