Defining Humane Animal Care

All Niman Ranch livestock are humanely raised according to the strictest animal handling protocols. This is why we’re proud to be Certified Humane. Our protocols were written based on the recommendations of animal handling expert Dr. Temple Grandin. Our independent family farmers are required to raise their livestock outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. Their animals have continual access to food and water and spend their entire lives with their litter mates. This allows the animals to express their natural instinctive behaviors and form healthy social groups.

  1. Livestock are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens
  2. Livestock always have access to fresh, clean water
  3. Livestock are able to express their natural behaviors in healthy social groups
  4. All our farms are gestation and farrowing crate-free
  5. No concentrated feeding operations allowed (CAFO’s)

Find out more about how we raise our livestock by reading our protocols: