Farmer in California

I love to farm because every day of my life I think of my father, my grandfather and my grandmother. I imagine what they did as I go about my daily tasks. I love this land.

Jeannie McCormack and her husband Al Medvitz started selling lamb to Niman Ranch in 1993, making them the first lamb producers in our program. They run the very same ranch that was originally founded in 1896 by Jeannie’s grandfather, Dan McCormack, a Scottish immigrant to New Brunswich, Canada. Her father, Wallace McCormack, ran the ranch from 1934 to 1999. They now raise nearly 2,000 ewes and grow wheat, barley, safflower, alfalfa, hay and grapes. In 2004, native grasses were seeded into permanent pastures in an effort to sustainably control invasive weeds.