Niman Ranch Prosciutto

Niman Ranch introduced prosciutto to honor the time and care that our farmers put into raising animals by crafting a high-quality, aged, dry-cured product. The hogs that are used to make our product are raised by small, independent U.S. family farmers committed to sustainable and humane practices.

All Natural Uncured Prosciutto

Our prosciutto starts with the best tasting pork and is handcrafted using time honored techniques by a family who has been curing prosciutto for three generations. They have honed their techniques and created a traditional seasonal process that mimics the prosciutto making in old world Italy. These environments have been replicated inside a state of an art facility.

We believe following the traditional process, which has been used for more than 2000 years, creates the best tasting prosciutto.


Starting with the best tasting pork results in a high-quality product, consistently sweet and smooth with a hint of salt. Our prosciutto is made with three simple ingredients…pork, salt and time. With so few ingredients, the pork you start with matters – a lot.

The Niman Ranch Prosciutto Process:

  1. Hog legs are hand trimmed
  2. Natural Sicilian sea salt is hand applied to draw out moisture
  3. Legs are hung to cure
    The process begins with winter temperatures to keep the legs cold and humid for three months. Legs are moved to summer and fall climates for flavor to develop. Time varies based on the size of ham.
  4. Salt is removed and lard is applied
    This enables moisture to continue to be released from the ham.
  5. Prosciutto is hung
    Legs are hung in a well ventilated dark environment for an additional 9 months to deepen the flavor.
  6. Hand inspected
    Each leg is hand inspected to ensure it is ready to slice.

Since our pork is pasture raised humanely and sustainably, our prosciutto will have a dark and rich color. The rich hue is a result of the higher color scores of our fresh pork. When we age the product, the color intensifies over time.

All-Natural Uncured Prosciutto