Our Lamb

Our ability to provide consistent, tender lamb year round is the result of raising our animals in regions with alternating growing seasons. We partner with fewer than a dozen ranching families in the Pacific Northwest, most of whom are multiple generation farmers. Our lambs are 100% traceable back to their birth ranch.

We use a variety of pure breeds with cross-breeds that fit the ranching climate and provide consistent high quality meat. Raised on pasture, vineyards and open range, our lamb are outdoors for most of their lives. They either graze on alfalfa or are fed a diet of high quality grain and roughage for finishing, which allows for consistent tasting meat. The young age of our lamb, coupled with their low stress environment and high quality diet, ensures a mellow flavor that’s never gamey.

Find out more by reading our raising protocols.

Highlights of our Lamb Program:

  • Raised on pasture with seasonal grasses.
  • Mild yet distinctive flavor.
  • Only fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grasses, legumes and grains.
  • Never given hormones or antibiotics – EVER.
  • Our lamb is Halal.


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Ground Lamb
Ground Lamb